About Little Pearls Invisalign care center, Bangalore

Little pearls invisalign center Bangalore

Little pearls Invisalign center in Bangalore is equipped with state of the art technology required for Invisalign such as OPG (oral pantomogram) which is a dental radiograph equipment which scans the dental arches so that our orthodontists can deliver a more precise treatment plan. Invisalign clear aligners scanner is used to design the invisible trays to move your teeth to the desired position to give you a beautiful smile!

Little Pearls technology for Invisalign clear aligners in Bangalore

Invisalign scanner in Bangalore

Our OPG and scanners used to design the Invisalign clear aligners makes the treatment plan more precise and enables our orthodontists to carry out the treatment close to perfection. Our patients can enjoy a warm ambiance catering to all their Invisalign needs all under one roof at Little Pearls Invisialign center in Bangalore. Our Orthodontists have an experience of 10 plus years and have handled many cases making their exposure and technique sensitivity to Invisialign orthodontics more refined and precise!